For a new student

Hello new biomedical student!

Congratulations and welcome to join the “yellow family”!

There are a few things you should do prior to starting your studies. Firstly you must accept your new placement and register as present or absent for the upcoming semester. Remember to order you student card and apply for financial aid through Kela if it applies to you. Start looking early for an apartment.

Your studies begin during the orientation week, where you will get to meet your new fellow students. You will also receive information considering the program and get accustomed with how things work at the University of Turku. You will be guided by tutors, who will gladly answer any questions or concerns you might have.

Here are some useful links that you will be needing from the first weeks of your studies:

  • As a new student, you will receive your utu email address. It’s a good idea to start checking your utu mailbox daily as a big part of all information internally at the university and in your student organisation will run through it. For example IVAPOSTI which is the weekly info letter of IVA will be sent to your utu email.
  • Go check out IVA’s Instagram profile and the biomedicine profile containing useful content about our study field and work life.
  • You can go and like IVA’s Facebook page but mostly we announce topical things on Instagram and IVAPOSTI.
  • Be sure you will be added to IVA’s and your course’s own Whatsapp groups.
  • Peppi is the site where you must sign-up for the courses and the whole semester. You can also check your course credits there and find information about the courses in our study guide.
  • You will find your schedule from Lukkarikone.
  • The university’s intranet contains lots of useful information. You will need your utu-logins to gain access to the intranet.
  • You can find information about topical events at our faculty’s own pages.

You might also find these pages helpful in the beginning: