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Vuosi: 2023

ISHA’s Annual Meeting 2023

IT’S MARCH! Which means it’s time for some of us to retire, and for a new board to step up to the plate! Join us for our annual meeting at Proffan Kellari on Tuesday March 14th. You can help elect new board members for ISHA Turku/Åbo (and make sure that we haven’t managed not to sink the ship yet).

You can also put yourself up as a candidate. ISHA’s a small chill group, and always accepting new members to help us create fun events for our organisations (Kritiikki, Vare, Kutu, F-piste, P-Klubi and Kleio) and for Turku’s international students to enjoy. You can also attend the meeting just to check things out a bit, you don’t have to sign up for anything right then and there!

Thank you for making last year the best ISHA-Turku has seen in a while. And please do help out the new board and go to their events, they’ve got some big shoes to fill 😉 Hope everyone has a great spring!

<3 The Board of 2022-2023

You can look over our reports from last year and plans for next year by downloading them. We will go over the documents at the annual meeting and either accept them as they are or modify them according to decisions made there.

Income Statement, Tilinpäätöstiedostot:

Pub quiz on Wednesday!

ISHA Turku welcomes our friends and member organizations to our pub quiz + hangout on Wednesday 1.2!

Meet us at the downstairs area of Bar Portti (Hämeenkatu 7) anytime between 6pm and 9pm. We’ll have some board games as well as a pub quiz for entertainment, and we hope you can meet new locals and exchange students there! Remember, the pub quiz comes with a surprise prize for the winners. You can purchase drinks and snacks at the venue, please do not bring your own.

See you there!

Best wishes,

The Board of ISHA Turku

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