When I write this text, it has been almost 365 days from that moment when the term of the current board of ISHA-Turku began at the cold Large Cabinet of Pub Proffan Kellari. Looking back  I can tell that the annual meeting, with its positive and constructive atmosphere, was that moment that started the chain of events that we can now afterwards call  ”events of ISHA-Turku in year 2017”.

From the point of view of the year, events held in the last year were a great success for the association. ISHA-Turku organized several events from traditional ISHA Sitting Party to smaller scale board game nights. Like previous years, members also came to test their general knowledge at Pub quizzes and also met other members of our umbrella organization ISHA International  in the summer. All the events were successes for their own part, although most of the participants mainly came from one member organization. This is an issue that I hope the following boards will work in one way or another.

Year 2017 also brought with itself a new member association when student association Seita ry joined ISHA-Turku as a full-time member. I believe that this decision will be reflected in a positive way throughout our association’s operations and will allow new types of events to be organized in future by our association.

The ISHA-Turku that we now leave for other generations to look after is different kind of association compared to what it was a few years ago. The boards of recent years have done a great deal of work to keep this association alive and increased the variety of events steadily rolling out the association’s visibility in the eyes of university world. As a result of many hours of altruistic work  we are currently in a situation where ISHA-Turku as an association has set for itself  far-reaching goals and plans for the future. Much remains to be done to achieve these goals but with the results of the positive work of previous boards and the creativity of future generations, I believe that the goals will be achieved.

At the end of this post I would like to thank all those people who have worked and will work in the future for this association in accordance with the aims set out in its statutes. With your work ISHA will live forever. Viva la ISHA!


Juho Kankare

President of ISHA-Turku ry

Year 2017 of ISHA-Turku in visual form