ISHA-Helsinki and ISHA-Turku are organising together a local

weekend-long ISHA seminar in Helsinki 13.–16.11.2014.

The Theme of the Seminar is “BORDERS – The Diverse Concept

of Border in History”. Friday 14th will consist of lectures and party

in the evening; Saturday 15th is for workshops and sitsit party.

Local ISHA sections: The workshop application period for local

ISHA sections is in October. The seminar and the other activities

are open and free to everybody, but local people have to apply to

the workshops too. Take note that the workshops are optional and

there is no participation fee for local people. The sitsit party will

cost 14 euros.

Note: program may change.

Thursday 13.11.
21.00 Ice Breaking Party [New Student House (NSH)]

Friday 14.11.
10.00 Lectures [Mannerheim hall NSH]
11.45 Lunch
13.00 Lectures [Mannerheim hall NSH]
17.00 Dinner
21.00 Party

Saturday 15.11.
10.00 Workshops [3rd floor NSH]
12.00 Lunch
13.00 Workshops
19.30 Sitsit Party

Sunday 16.11.

More information: http://blogs.helsinki.fi/isha-helsinki/borders/