Other half of ISHA Turku/Åbo 2019

Autumn is here and the year 2019 as well. This year is a very special one for ISHA Turku/Åbo, because the roots of our organization were formed in Hungary, Budapest in 1989. After the Iron Curtain was broken the co-operation in Europe became possible and to this day this co-operation still is the essence of ISHA. The official ISHA organization was founded 9th of May 1990 in Budapest and in Turku, Finland that shall be our time to celebrate the 30th anniversary of ISHA. This celebration is going to be the main target for our next board, but the current one has already taken an initiative to plan and start working for this amazing to-be party.

We have had so far couple of changes in the current board. Due to exchange program and working opportunities elsewhere, we have lost two of our board members and have decided to share their workload to the current members of the board. Their contribution will be missed, but we thank their effort for ISHA Turku/Åbo so far and hope success in the life after.

This autumn ISHA Turku/Åbo were present in Welcome fair event that was aimed for exchange students in Turku and a lot of ISHA fliers were given to students. ISHA Turku/Åbo had its first event Meet and Greet already and we were happily surprised how many people took part in it. The first traditional ISHA Turku/Åbo event – History themed pub quiz – will take place this Wednesday 16.10. in Proffan Kellari at 7pm. Form a team and come compete! If you don’t have a team, come as you are or with a friend, because teams will be formed also there at the site.

Other events are also on the blueprints and soon to be revealed, so stay tuned and see you in our events starting from this Wednesday!

Antti Laitinen

President of ISHA Turku/Åbo