Greetings to all members of ISHA-Turku/Åbo!

I want to welcome you to the Annual Meeting of ISHA-Turku/Åbo ry on 15.3.2022 at 17:00. The meeting is held in the small cabinet of Proffan kellari (second floor). It is also possible to attend the Annual Meeting remotely via Zoom.

ISHA-Turku/Åbo is a local branch of the International Students of History Association, whose main task is to promote international contact and international cooperation between history students. We are an interdisciplinary association which includes F-piste, Kleio from Åbo Akademi, Kritiikki, Kutu, P-klubi and Vare. If you are interested in diverse association activities and developing international co-operation at both the local and international level, ISHA-Turku/Åbo ry is a good association for you to work in.

The Annual Meeting is an open event for all those interested in the activities of the association. In the Annual Meeting the new board for the year 2022 is going to be elected. All members of ISHA-Turku/Åbo ry can run for the board. All members that are present at Proffan kellari have the right to vote at the meeting. Now especially after hard COVID-19 pandemic times it is important to increase international relations and activities. For this reason, fresh minds and new ways of thinking are welcomed.

Annex of this e-mail contains the meeting agenda and the official documents for the meeting. The English translations of the Annual report of 2021 and the Action plan for 2022 will be done as soon as possible before the annual meeting, but everything else can be found in English. If you have any questions, you can contact the president of the association,

Best regards,
Sergei Smirnov
President of ISHA-Turku/Åbo ry