Vare is a student organization for archaeology students and all interested in the subject at the University of Turku. It functions both as a bridge between the students and archaeology hobbyists as well as a guardian of the students’ interests in the Department of Archaeology, TYY (Turku University Student Union), and the University.

Vare is an old word from Finland Proper for a pre-historic burial site, a stoned mound. While the beginnings of the association were founded in 1962, the students involved had to study in Helsinki because Archaeology as a discipline didn’t come to Turku until 1969. During the following decade Vare took more the form of an actual subject association rather than the club it had earlier been.

These days Vare organizes all kinds of events from parties and seminars to field trips, and holds relaxed meetings for its members and associates. Friday meet-ups in September are from 18:00 onward at Portti (Hämeenkatu 7).

To get information about our events you can follow this website or join our email list. You should also follow us on Facebook and Instagram. As a member you can join our closed Facebook group.

How to join Vare:
Send an email to the board ( asking to join. Write your full name, city where you live and if you’re member of TYY or not. Pay membership fee 10€ to Vare’s bank account (FI83 4309 0010 6204 33). You can get the membership card in Vare’s events by showing the receipt.

In 1974, Varelia, the association’s official print item was born. Varelia is still publishing today, only nowadays it resides online (you can find links to new issues on their Facebook). The magazine consists of articles, comics and stories on archaeology, student life and pretty much anything the students involved come up with. You can contact the editors with your own ideas if you like!

Varelia editors in 2024:
Hanna Isokorpi (