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Vuosi: 2015

ISHA Turku 15th Anniversary Celebration was held on the 19th of March

ISHA Turku held its very first anniversary celebration on the 19th of March – in 2015 ISHA Turku turned 15. The event was held in restaurant Julinia in Turku.

”The event symbolizes the beginning of a new dynamic ISHA Turku”, said ISHA Turku president Henri Vanhanen in his welcoming speech at the event. ”…and I have had the pleasure to participate in the building process”, he added.

A new ISHA Turku is indeed developing. Since the summer seminar of 2011 in Turku, the action had been slowly deteriorating. The board of 2014 led by Daniel Sahlgren and the current board have had clear goals which aim at raising the profile of ISHA Turku into an active international organization not only inside Turku but also Europe-vise. In Finland ISHA Turku has also began an active cooperation with the other Finnish ISHA section from Helsinki. During the fall of 2014 ISHA Turku and ISHA Helsinki held a seminar in Helsinki themed ”Borders”. The seminar was a success and was able to attract international students and visitors from ISHA Graz as well.

The board of 2015 is basically continuing the work of the earlier board. This means more activity in Turku and in the international field in Europe and in Turku as well. ISHA Turku members are participating in the ISHA Annual Confence in Bucharest in April. The board will also be taking part in the International ”Vappuviikko” held by the Student Union of Turku. In May ISHA Turku will tighten its cooperation with ISHA Helsinki by attending their 25th anniversary ball. Autumn especially will be an active period for ISHA Turku for we are organizing a seminar in Turku which will have cooperation with HOL (Union for students of history). The seminar will also include a Sitsit-party!

As the guest of honor doctoral-candidate Olli Kleemola stated in his speech at the anniversary celebration: ”Internationalism is an important value”, we at ISHA Turku strive for a more international University of Turku. Therefore one of our ways to achieve internationalism is to actively participate in the international events of the Student Union of Turku.

All in all, ISHA Turku is taking big steps towards beign an active international organization and pursues to provide versatile events for its members and international students – stay on the lookout!

ISHA Turku would like to thank all the invited organizations for showing ISHA Turku support by their greetings or presence at our anniversary ball:

Turun Historiallinen Yhdistys, Turun yliopiston ylioppilaskunta, P-klubi, Kritiikki ry, F-piste, Vare ry, Kleio, Turun Eurooppanuoret

ISHA-Turku vuosi-/vaalikokous – ISHA-Turku Annual Conference & Board Election

The Annual Conference of ISHA-Turku will be held on January the 26th and will take place at Ravintola Proffan Kellari’s cabinet room – starting at 16:00. In the Conference a new board for ISHA-Turku will be elected and the 2015 term action plan will be processed and gone through. The 2015 term will be a busy one for ISHA-Turku for diverse action shall take place: 15th Annual celebration and intensified co-operation with ISHA-Helsinki and HOL!

The Conference is open for all willing to participate so you are all welcome to join in!

ISHA-Turun vuosikokous järjestetään tammikuun 26. päivä ravintola Proffan Kellarin isossa kabinetissa kello 16:00 alkaen! Kokouksessa valitaan ISHA-Turun uusi hallitus, sekä käydään läpi kauden 2015 toimintasuunnitelma. Ensi kaudella ISHA-Turulla tulee olemaan jälleen paljon tapahtumia ja aktiviista toimintaa, kuten 15v-Vuosijuhlat ja yhteistyö ISHA-Helsingin ja HOL:in kanssa!

Kokous on kaikille avoin, joten tervetuloa paikan päälle!

Year 2014 board welcomes you to join in!

Year 2014 board welcomes you to join in!

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