The Turku UN Association provides interesting  events that support its values, and all the events organised by the UN Association of Turku are open for everyone who is interested, also the membership of the association is free. The annual activity of the association includes many different workshops, seminars, excursions and other events. Since we are part of TYY, The Student Union of the University of Turku, we also participate in events organized by it, such as the opening carnival in autumn and the Development Cooperation Week. On this page we have listed the association’s traditional events. Up-to-date information on the activities of the association can be viewed from the association’s event calendar or action plan.

A warm welcome to the United Nations Association of Turku!

Seminars, discussion sessions and workshops are held in the autumn and spring. In recent years, we have organized for example: Human Rights in Finland? – Panel discussion, Women’s Rights in Finland – workshop, and the role of the women in Working life Ceilings Breaking Panel. We also try to arrange a few documentary film events or seminars during the year focusing on interesting and current topics. Usually the themes are also related to some UN theme day close to the date of the event.

The opening carnival is an event organized by the Student Union of the University of Turku and the University of Turku, which will launch a joint academic year. There are a number of student organizations and also the Turku UN Association is presently presenting its activities.

Mahdollisuuksien tori is an event organized by Sondip ry and Kepa ry and the aim of the event is to highlight global issues, interesting cultures and opportunities for civic activity. Mahdollisuuksien tori brings together more than 40 local and national organizations to Turku Old Great Square.

New members evening (Uusien ilta) is a relaxed hanging event where you can come and chat and hear the association’s activities.Anyone interested can come and hear more about the association and meet others who share the interest in global issues. Frequently, there are also some snacks, as well as up-to-date information on the associations upcoming events and happenings. In addition, the event is excellent opportunity to present your ideas, suggestions and wishes regarding the association’s activities.

Homework Club Events are organized 1-2 times a year. At the event our board tells about the activities of the Homework Club of Halinen for all people interested in volunteering.

Excursions The Turku UN Association traditionally organizes 1-2 pieces per year. As a rule, excursions are concentrated in Finland, but excursions are also made abroad.

The General Meeting is held once a year in October-November. In this meeting members will select the Board of the Turku UN Association and other actors.

The Christmas Card Campaign is a charity campaign by the Turku UN Association. The idea of the campaign is to give Christmas cards to the residents of the retirement home. Traditionally, we have kept the stand in the university lobby and have offered the opportunity to write a card and have some glögi and Christmas biscuits.

The Spring Meeting will be held in February-April. In the Spring Meeting we will discuss the activity report of the previous term and confirm the financial statements.

Clean May Day Campaign (SiistiVappu -kamppanja) the Turku UN Association has traditionally cleaned a campus area for a few hours on a single day in May.

Etnofest is a spring festival organized by the Sondip ry and the City of Turku, which is traditionally organized at the end of May in Varissuo’s Pelttari field. The program features different music performances, dance, activities and, of course, delicious dishes from different cuisines.

Turku Pride is celebrated in Turku traditionally in August. The Turku UN Association has participated in Turku Pride parade and in the afternoon piknik.