Turku UN Association

The Turku United Nations Association (TYKy) is a non-profit, national and politically unaffiliated youth organization which was founded in 1963. The purpose of the association is to promote the goals and principles of the United Nations by promoting the achievement of the goals set out in the UN Charter and other publications. It aims at promoting the goals and activities of the UN and its organizations by providing members of the association with the opportunity to influence and participate in social activities and to stimulate debate on social issues.

We are a group of young people interested in human rights, citizen participation, multicultural and international cooperation. The important values of the Turku UN Association are political and religious non-alignment, realisation of human rights, equal treatment of people and supporting of global friendship. We want these values to be seen in our every event and publication. We aim to raise awareness of the goals and principles of the United Nations by promoting the fulfilment of the objectives mentioned in the UN charter and in other publications. With the effort of the annually changing board the association organises a variety of events to its members and others interested in global issues, independently or with partners about the above-mentioned themes. Read more about the events from here.

The important values ​​of the Turku UN Association are equality, impartiality, openness and effectiveness. We also want these values ​​to appear in every event and our publication.

Equality and Impartiality
All of our members are equal with each other and all members have equal opportunities to participate in the association’s activities. Equal treatment is the cornerstone of the association and the diversity of members is an asset.

The association’s operations are open and reliable in doing everything and in decision-making. Transparency is important with members and working with partners.

Working together and Effectiveness
The association engages young people in decision-making by providing them with channels of influence and communicating young people’s thoughts to decision-makers. In addition, the association aims to promote human rights and peace through its own actions.