Founded in 1987, Adaptus is a small yet well established association representing the students of department of Nursing Science. Our members are students of health sciences including the students of the new international master program, Future health and technology starting in August 2019.

Our goal is to advocate for the student rights within the Medical faculty and department of Nursing Science. We have regular contact with the staff of the department of Nursing Science and we take pride in maintaining the good relations and productive discourse through mutual respect and appreciation.

We also arrange wide variety of recreational activities to our students including the “christening of the fetuses” which is a welcome party to new students and diverse sporting events, such as pole dancing and air yoga. In addition to recreational activities, we arrange also opportunities for students to meet and collaborate with future employers through events like Academic speed dating aimed to connect the graduating students with prospective employers. We are also keen to collaborate with other student interest groups.

We host a student room in Medisiina A (Kiinamyllynkatu 10). The space is for students to use freely between 7 am to 5 pm. There is possibility for making coffee or tea or just relax or work independently. There is fridge and microwave.

During events and parties, you can recognize the proud members of Adaptus from the dark green student overalls with Adaptus logo printed on the back of the overall.

You can contact us by e-mail: and follow us on Facebook: Adaptus ry and Instagram: @adaptusry