1 § Name and domicile
The name of the association is Turun YK-Yhdistys ry, Åbo FN-förening rf.
The association is domiciled in Turku.
The association is a member of Finland’s UN youth and Finland’s UN union.

2  § Purpose of activity
The purpose of the association is to co-operate with Finland’s UN youth and the UN alliance of Finland and local organizations to promote the achievement of the goals set out in the United Nations Charter and other publications in Finland and elsewhere.
The association seeks to influence the development of society
– promoting international and national consensus and peaceful co-operation between peoples,
– by promoting the objectives and activities of the United Nations and its organizations,
– providing an opportunity for associations to influence and participate in social activities as well as
– raising the debate on social issues.
– the association aims to promote multicultural interaction in Turku

3  § Forms of action
– carry out information activities,
– organize seminars and other training activities,
– to carry out projects such as development cooperation projects aimed at immediate impact on the elimination of social disadvantages and
– engage in international activities, by working with other international organizations.
– strives to promote multicultural interaction in Turku
– To support its activities, the association may receive donations and wills, own the necessary property for its operations, and enforce the permission of the party after receiving lotteries and money collections.

 4 §  Members of the association
Anyone who accepts the purpose and the rules of the association may join a club as a full member. Private individuals or registered associations and communities may be accepted as members of the association. The Board of Directors approves the actual and supporting members of the association. In addition, the government may invite honorary members of the association to be a person of particular merit. The Board has a member list of members of the association. Existing member rights will remain.

5 § Resignation and dismissal of a member
A member has the right to resign from the association by giving written notice to the board or its chairman or by announcing a separation at a meeting of the association to be recorded in the minutes. The Board may dismiss the member if the member has otherwise failed to fulfill the obligations to which he or she has committed to the association or who has been harmed by the association in or outside the association or who no longer fulfills the terms of membership of the law or the statutes of the association.

6 §  Members fee
Membership members will not be charged a membership fee.

 7 § Board
The board is elected by the Chairman of the Board and at least five (5), but not more than eight (8) year-old elected members and 0-3 deputy members. The Board of Directors has a quorum when the chairman or the vice chairman of the board of directors and at least three (3) members of the board are present. Voting is solved by a simple majority vote. Voting equally resolves the chairman’s vote, except in the election of the lottery.
The Board of Directors elects among its members a vice-chairman, a secretary, a housekeeper and other necessary staff members. At Board meetings, all members of the Association have the right to attend and speak unless the Board decides otherwise for a particular matter. The term of office of the Board of Directors is a calendar year. The Board convenes in the chairman’s office or in the presence of a Vice-Chairman when he or she has been summoned when they consider it to be appropriate or when at least half of the Board members so request. The government can also meet electronically, for example through Skype or e-mail. The board member has the right to resign from the government by notifying the board of directors that accepts the difference.

8 § Officials
The Board of Directors may, where appropriate, set up working committees for example. to arrange various projects and events. Bureaus work under the authority of the government. Members of the Bureau may also be outside the Board.

 9 § Autographs 
The name of the association is written by a chairman or vice-president, either together with a secretary or housekeeper.

10§ Accounting period and Functional Review
The association’s business and financial year is the calendar year. In the autumn meeting, two function inspectors and their deputies will be selected for the administration and accounts of the association. The financial statements with the necessary documents and the annual report of the Board of Directors must be submitted to the function auditors no later than three weeks before the spring meeting.

11 § General meetings of the Association
The association holds two General meetings annually. The spring meeting of the association will be held in February-April and the autumn meeting in September-November on a date set by the Board. An Extraordinary Meeting shall be held when the Meeting of the Association so decides or when the Board considers this to be the case, or at least one tenth (1/10) of the members entitled to vote in the Association for this matter specifically requested by the Board in writing. The meeting shall be held within thirty (30) days of the request being submitted to a member of the Board. Each member of the association and one honorary member shall have one (1) vote at each meeting of the association. The support member has a presence and speaking right at the meeting. Decisions in meetings are made by a simple majority. Voting is equally resolved by the chairman’s vote, but in the election, however, the lottery. Meetings of the association are convened at least three days before the meeting. Meetings of the association are convened by sending a meeting invitation to the member to the member’s stated email address or street address. The issues to be handled must be mentioned in the notice of the meeting.

12 § Regular meetings
The Spring Meeting of the Association addresses the following issues:
1. Opening of the meeting
2. The chairman of the meeting, the secretary, two inspectors of the minutes and, if necessary, two countersheets
3. The legality and quorum of the meeting shall be established
4. Adopt the Rules of Procedure of the Meeting
5. The financial statements, the annual report and the Statutory Auditors’ report
6. Deciding on the adoption of the financial statements and the granting of a financial liability to the Board of Directors and other accountable persons
7. Consider any other matters mentioned in the notice of the meeting.
During the autumn meeting of the Society, the following issues will be dealt with:
Opening of the 1st meeting
2. The chairman, the secretary, the two prosecu- tors and, if necessary, two countersheets, are elected
3. The legality and quorum of the meeting shall be established
4. Adopt the Rules of Procedure of the Meeting
5. Establish an action plan and an estimate of revenue and expenditure for the following calendar year
6. The Chairman of the Board shall be elected, who shall be called the Chairman of the Association
7. Select at least five (5), eight (8) Board members and zero (0) – three (3) alternates
8. Two function inspectors are selected and two vice-auditors are appointed
9. Representatives of the umbrella organizations
10. Discuss other matters mentioned in the notice of the meeting.
If a member of the association wishes to have a case heard by the association’s spring meeting, he or she must inform the board in writing by the end of January, at least 14 days before the spring meeting.
If a member of the association wishes to have a case heard by the association for the autumn meeting, it must inform the board in writing by the end of September, at least 14 days before the autumn meeting.

13 § Changing the Rules
The decision to amend the rules must be made by a majority of at least three quarters (¾) of the votes cast.
The notice of the meeting must mention the modification of the rules.

14 § Dissolving
The decision to dissolve the association must be made by a majority of at least three quarters (¾) of the votes cast by the association meeting. The notice of the meeting must mention the dissolution of the association.
When the association is dissolved, the association’s funds will be used to promote the purpose of the association in a decisive manner. When the association comes to an end, its assets are used for the same purpose.

15 § Section 15 Otherwise, the provisions of the current Act on Associations shall be complied with.