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The purpose of the Akateeminen purjehdusseura (Academic Yacht Club) is to develop and promote sailing among students. The club organizes courses and lectures which increase the members knowledge about boats and sailing and improve their practical sailing skills. Postgraduates are also warmly welcome to join all activities, as are members of the university staff and anyone else who might be interested in sailing.

The club organizes events of various sorts, including sailing-related courses and other educational events.

During the summer season, you can feed your sailing addiction by joining the afternoon sailing trips (arranged on weekdays), and on summer weekends, there’s a good chance you will be invited to join a crew and get to explore the Finnish Archipelago and the Baltic more extensively. These weekend trips have gathered so much interest that often an entire squadron full of enthusiastic club members have set sail!

The activities of the club culminate in the anniversary celebrations: toasts are given, delicious food consumed and the memories of the former yachting season reminisced. Contact us at international@AkateeminenPurjehdusSeura.Fi